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The Dragon Knight's Diner.

Below are the 3 most recent journal entries.


  2005.08.02  03.57

I found Lina-chan a while back. In the Transgression place, of all things. It seems Ceipheed's guidance is with me even when I'm not asking for it.

We had a bit of a close call today. We nearly blew up the hotel in a pissing contest magical battle. She cast Dragu Slave, I cast it right back, and then... well, I don't think either one of us had expected them to merge like that. She showed so much growth, magically and mentally... totally makes up her less-than-stellar physical growth. How can someone who eats so much stay so short? Oh well, she's still got time to hit a growth spurt.

I'm damn proud of her.

I miss Zelas. She sent me a note and a box of candy though. My favorite! Must remember to send her something nice in return. For now, though... I'm going back to sleep. I'll figure out what that loud noise was later. The hotel's not on fire or anything, it can wait until I've had some rest. Mrrrgh. Also need to ask Lina where her room is, she blacked out after we finished containing the blast and I put her to bed... in my bed. This armchair hurts my back.

Mood: sleepy

  2005.07.14  16.57

Been hearing about some kind of thing going down at a place called Transgressions... an inn or something. No luck finding Lina-chan, although I did see Xellos a while ago. And L-sama, of all things/people.

Think I'm going to make the trip to the inn and find out for myself exactly what's going on. Ceipheed's information networks don't exist in this world, so I'm effectively blind as to the situation. Sounds like an attempted invasion, and a number of things this world calls 'human rights violations'. If my help is needed, I'll help. If not, I'll play it by ear.

Hahaha, a vacation!


  2005.05.21  15.51

I opened up a portal to a place called 'the Nexus' yesterday in search of Lina-chan. No luck yet... nobody's seen her, but the Lord of Nightmares was/is there. I suppose that's a step closer. Something in my bones tells me she's going to be important again (Lina, that is) so I'd better do my job and make sure she's ready for it.

Yeah, so I'm also still pissed about the peepshow thing.

Mood: contemplative